Offering dance/fitness classes based in Calgary, AB.

Vision & Mission is to bring the benefits of dance and fitness, music and creative movement to people of all body abilities in order to inspire and bring out their full potential.  


Virtual, Corporate, private and open to the public classes run on an on-going basis at various locations in the city where all levels are welcome. Music will inspire you; creative movements will aid us in becoming more aware of our bodies, its flexible abilities and range of motion.  We all learn at our own pace, so we encourage consistency and an open mind for trying something new.

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Dance & fitness is our passion and at Dancing Heals we dance to connect body and soul for a healthier and happier YOU.  Dance fitness classes are designed to help people put aside stress, fear and judgment. Be healthier and enjoy the moment.

Zumba at Macleod Tr
  • 5 Class Punch Card – $55
  • 10 Class Punch Card – $105
  • Drop-Ins – $10.50
  • Must RSVP to attend
Zumba at Cedarbrae
Zumba With a View
  • Outdoor class held at South Glenmore Park by the Sailing School
  • Must RSVP before attending
  • 5 Class Punch Card – $25 or pay per class $5

Dancing Heals Inc is owned and operated by Yahaira Henriquez

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Getting Married?

Let me help you choreograph your first dance. It can be fun, sexy or romantic – choose your dance style and show off your moves!