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Zumba in the Park

Zumba in the Park


I am excited for this year’s Zumba in Park season. This year I will be offering 2 Zumba classes at South Glenmore Park starting June 19 & June 24 2021 to end September 2021.

NOTE: These classes are weather dependent and last minute cancellation of class will be posted via Facebook (@DancingHealsCanada) in case of rain or bad weather at the time of classes.

  • Thursdays – 6:30pm (50mins)
  • Saturdays – 11:05am (50mins)


Registration opens: June 10. To join these outdoor classes, you must register and send payment via email transfer to dancingheals@hotmail.com or PayPal. Click HERE to register and send payment.

Follow the registration instructions above to complete registration and save your spot!

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