Tips for all Dance Fitness Classes

Get the right gear. Be comfortable and wear suitable clothing for the type of workout you will be engaging in. Make sure you pick a shoe with low tread for easier pivoting and sliding.

Eat Right. Make sure that you are properly fueled for your workout. Every body is different; eating a big meal before a workout is not recommended, but a protein shake or bar is always nice!

Arrive before the class starts: We recommend participants to arrive a few minutes prior to the class start to ensure you get a proper warm-up and have time to set yourself up and ready to have fun.

Focus on the Instructor’s cuing, voice & physical instructions: Like riding a bike for the first time, steps and movements might not come naturally on your first class. The important thing is to just keep moving. However, after a few classes our participants are able to follow the combination of steps and focus on the FUN part of dance fitness. 

Don’t give up. Consistency is key to seeing results.

Bring a friend. Bringing a friend (or friends) not only motivates you to show up, but also keeps you on your game.

Let go. The best advice is the simplest. Forget the stress of the day and enjoy this special “me time.”

Hydrate. It’s important to hydrate before, after and during a workout. Bring your water bottle and a snack bar for after class.

Stretch it out. Stretching is key after any workout. Dancing Heals classes will include a cool-down and stretch at the end of every class