Mindfulness & Meditation

Rosanna D’Agnillo, B.A., M.A.

Rosanna D’Agnillo – Founder and lead facilitator of Calgary Mindfulness.

She is a long-time community and wellness advocate in the Calgary area, and offers meditation training to children from pre-K to 12, as well as professional and amateur athletes, musicians, teachers, caregivers, front line workers, and adults from a wide variety of organizations and companies across North America and Europe. She is also the author of End Insomnia Without Drugs.  

Rosanna has worked in dozens of schools across Calgary, from all the major school boards, private schools, home-school groups, as well as the Tsuu T’ina Junior & Senior High School. She has provided professional development workshops to every major teacher / out-of-school provider organization in Alberta and given numerous workshops for non-profit groups such as Girl Guides and the Calgary Women’s Centre. She also has worked with dozens of private companies and government organizations to provide staff training in mindfulness and mental health, wellness and self care.

I am very excited to have Rosanna with us on Thursdays for a well deserved 15 minute session. Mindfulness & Meditation will be held after our Zumba class from 7:25pm to 7:40pm. Please note this is held outdoors and maybe cancel due to weather. Register for Zumba class and join us for this complementary time with Rosanna.

Bring Yoga mat or something to sit on for 15 minutes. Thank you and I hope you can join us!

Yahaira H.