Wedding Choreography

Getting married? Let Yahaira help you put together your first dance by creating an easy and fun choreography both of you can enjoy performing.

How it works:

  • email us at &  include your name, contact information, date of wedding, song (if decided).
  • We will call you within 48hrs to get to know you and discuss in more detail your dream 1st dance.
  • Set a time & date for practice and choreography review in the comfort of our own home (minimum 2hrs); this is when your partner and you learn the steps, find rhythm and put together your dance.
  • Then is practice, practice practice!!!

It is that simple, no need to know how to dance, the steps are easy to follow and easy to remember!


$80/hr (1st lesson – Minimum 2hrs) Includes: phone consultation, choreography & step building, dance lesson, tips, and video for practice purposes. $60/hr practice lessons (if needed)